Wetsuits - the perfect fit

Posted by madeforspace on December 15, 2015

From research conducted by Zone3, a whopping 80% of customers will buy a Zone3 wetsuit - after having tried on at least two or three other brands - purely based on the feel and the fit.

A triathlon-specific wetsuit is designed to improve the swimmer's body position in the water and allow for efficient movement while swimming. This is achieved by combining buoyant and flexible neoprene panels into a comfortable, form-fitting suit. The functions of a wetsuit are: to provide additional floatation, to reduce drag through the water and to offer a degree of comfort from colder water.

Comfort fit v Performance fit

A person's weight is more critical than their height. All swimming wetsuits are designed to be tight fitting but once water has entered the suit it will mold to your body shape. The more you wear it the more it will feel like a second skin.

Athletes who have never worn a wetsuit before tend to prefer a Comfort fit so start with the bigger size. The Zone3 entry level wetsuits have a slightly straighter cut around the torso so are designed for comfort first and foremost and then performance second.

Athletes who have experience using wetsuits and are looking for a Performance fit should try a smaller size. The Aspire and Vanquish wetsuits have a slightly sleeker cut designed to be compressive around the legs and torso but still maintaining total freedom of movements around the shoulders and arms.

The correct size wetsuit might feel much too tight, loose, big or small if it's not being worn in the correct position therefore we highly recommend that you watch these videos before considering your next purchase.

Men's position

Women's position

In our opinion...

Although there are many different wetsuit brands on the market, they all fit differently. Zone3 have gained so many industry awards over the last six years because the panel design, use of materials and fit is said to be the best in the industry.

What is important is that you do your own research and don't get persuaded by price or if an elite athlete wears a certain brand. FIT is much more important than any gimmicky features, price, branding or colours!